Ko Dan Ja Moo Do Sparring
Divisions Open To All Ko Dan Ja

Ko Dan Ja Moo Do Sparring

At the 2015 National Festival Ko Dan Ja practitioners have the opportunity to participate in the exciting Ko Dan Ja Moo Do Sparring Divisions. Do you know what the differences are between traditional free sparring competition and Moo Do sparring? If not, these videos may help clarify the differences in performance and judging. Enjoy!       … [Read more...]

Doubletree Hotel Is Sold Out
Alternate Lodging Is Available at $145+


Well, that did not take long! Hotel liaison Ruth Rudnick reported today that the Doubletree Festival room block at $129 is sold out, BUT she has procured a small block of DOUBLE BED rooms at an alternate hotel within 5-6 miles from the Festival site for a rate of $145. She reports that the going rate at hotels in the area is $219+ so this block of double bed rooms is a bargain and will go fast. Call her now. Ruth Rudnick,CTA Work: … [Read more...]

Tae Guk Kwon Hyung Seminar At 2015 Festival
Larry Seiberlich, Sa Bom Nim 9th Dan Instructing


Seiberlich 9th Dan Instructing Sa Bom Nim Larry Seiberlich, Dan Bon 1815 9th Dan will be introducing Tae Guk Kwon Hyung at the 2015 National Festival in Danvers, Ma Thursday July 30, 8:00-10:00 PM in a special session open to all Dan ranks. This will be one of three special sessions being offered at the 2015 National Festival and available to those registering for those special sessions. This Hyung, known as Tai Chi Ch’uan in Chinese, is … [Read more...]

Region 1 To Host 2015 National Festival


Region 1 Leaders undertook a massive initiative and succeeded in winning the hosting rights for the 2015 National Festival AND in an extended bidding cycle members also acquired the support needed for the TAC to add Gup Competition to the 2015 Festival Agenda. WIN! WIN! Congratulations! If you have not checked out the 2015 destination, take a moment to do so and book your hotel room now as the $129 group rates end on July 10, 2015 and … [Read more...]

2015 National Festival Demonstrations


The TAC will preview proposed demonstrations by videos uploaded to www.soobahkdoinstitute.com  no later than July 20,2015. Demonstration videos may be submitted at any time before the deadline and those who submit them sooner will have more time to incorporate any feedback or guidance provided by reviewers. Only those demonstrators who submit preview videos by the deadline will be eligible for scheduling at the Festival on Saturday … [Read more...]

Score Keepers, Time Keepers and Ring Assistant


Confirmed volunteers receive a complimentary spectator ticket [$25 VALUE] Loading... Look At the Company You'll Be Keeping! Loading...> … [Read more...]


Early Registration Ends July 24 For 2015 National Festival In Danvers, Massachusetts


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