Publish Your Message In The 2015 Festival Souvenir Program

Master John Maihos in Region 1 is heading up the 2015 National Festival Souvenir Program Committee and he invites you to publish your message in the program. Check out the available ad spaces you can use. Extend your support for your regional team, a fellow classmate, etc. Show your support for the Moo Duk Kwan 70th Anniversary Or advertise your products or services to Festival attendees Publish your message, support the event and … [Read more...]

Are Festival Packages A Good Deal?

2015 is the first year that several package registration options have been offered on the Registration form at the recommendation of the Finance Committee. Packages were intended to simplify registration choices and provide increasing value for the members who participate and support the Festival the most. In response to member inquiries about the 2015 registration form and how the package prices were calculated, the following spreadsheet … [Read more...]

Why Should I Attend The National Festival?

The National Festival of the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® is a high level experience... kinda like college. The obstacles one must overcome to attend the National Festival are many, like the obstacles one must overcome to attend college. In fact, only about 1 in 10 Federation members have historically attended the National Festival. Even fewer members overcome the additional obstacles to attending international … [Read more...]

Regional Dan Youth Sparring Teams

Regional Dan Youth Sparring Teams were omitted from the available division lists in some early 2015 Festival registration materials. The divisions have now been added to the online version of the 2015 Festival Registration form. Modeling the adult regional teams and International teams, the Technical Advisory Committee features  TWO Regional Sparring Team divisions  for youth members. These divisions support Kwan Jang Nim and Technical … [Read more...]

Ko Dan Ja Moo Do Sparring
Divisions Open To All Ko Dan Ja

At the 2015 National Festival Ko Dan Ja practitioners have the opportunity to participate in the exciting Ko Dan Ja Moo Do Sparring Divisions. Do you know what the differences are between traditional free sparring competition and Moo Do sparring? If not, these videos may help clarify the differences in performance and judging. Enjoy!       … [Read more...]

Doubletree Hotel Is Sold Out
Alternate Lodging Is Available at $145+

Well, that did not take long! Hotel liaison Ruth Rudnick reported today that the Doubletree Festival room block at $129 is sold out, BUT she has procured a small block of DOUBLE BED rooms at an alternate hotel within 5-6 miles from the Festival site for a rate of $145. She reports that the going rate at hotels in the area is $219+ so this block of double bed rooms is a bargain and will go fast. Call her now. Ruth Rudnick,CTA Work: … [Read more...]